10 Critical business continuity essentials for your firm.

Use these "survival tactics" to help your firm shift from an in-office to a remote working environment.

Discover the essentials to creating a business continuity plan for your firm.

Since 1980, the U.S. has notched 230 weather- and climate-related disasters worth more than $1 billion in damage into its collective belt, with a jaw-dropping cost that’s northward of $1.5 trillion. But, how do we plan for natural disasters that are related to viral infectious diseases? Is the plan similar to that of a hurricane?

Any disaster response generally follows these initial actions:

  • Getting through the event
  • Attending to critical needs
  • Taking stock of resources
  • Reconnecting with clients
  • Resuming business

In this infographic, we breakdown the steps to take when building a business continuity plan for your firm. From getting through the event to how you can resume business as usual.

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