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Law firms trust AbacusLaw® practice management software

AbacusLaw practice management software delivers convenient features in a simple format to streamline your law firm’s workflow. Manage your documents and workflow, automate your appointments and deadlines, track billing, and more in one easy-to-use platform.

Built by lawyers, for lawyers, AbacusLaw practice management software will allow you to maximize your billable hours and eliminate the headache of mundane tasks. Request a one-on-one demo of AbacusLaw legal software today.

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AbacusLaw Features

Rules-Based Calendaring

Keep appointments and tasks all in one place. Featuring an organized calendar that automatically and accurately schedules all critical deadlines - keeping you up to date with last-minute changes.

Time-Tracking and Billing

Easily track more billable hours with AbacusLaw software running in the background. Then automatically generate professional invoices. And APX PayNow integrates seamlessly to provide simple, secure billing options for any payment schedule.

Form Generation

Automatically generate documents that are accurate and ready to sign. Convenient smart forms auto-populate data and reduce the risk of errors, while utilizing a personalized template to sync with your firm's branding.

AbacusLaw Overview

Our practice management software for lawyers enables firms to automatically capture critical case and client details, prevent important deadlines from falling through the cracks, and gain complete visibility into your practice. AbacusLaw gives you all the tools you need to grow your firm – including case management, time, billing, and account operations.


Practice management is so much more than just schedules and billing. The AbacusLaw firm management solution automates documents and streamlines document management, so you can focus on growing your business, not paperwork.

With AbacusLaw, you can organize your entire firm by keeping all the important case details and dates all in one place. It also allows you to use precedent workflows to keep a to-do list of tasks, making sure all your cases stay on track.

AbacusLaw lets you seamlessly track every billable hour. Our software is working in the background while you work cases, keeping track of your time for you.

When it is time to get paid, AbacusLaw’s integrated APX PayNow solution allows you to bill and invoice clients, and generates payment reminders as well – after all, you are a lawyer, not a collections officer. AbacusLaw’s built-in accounting is a convenient solution for most firms.

The workload doesn’t stop when you’re not in the office, at your computer. AbacusLaw’s cloud deployment allows you to access your practice’s critical data from anywhere, on any device. Our cloud option is a mobile-optimized platform with enterprise-class security, daily backups, and turn-key HIPAA compliance.

"Working with AbacusLaw, the benefits are phenomenal. The access is very easy. The client inventory is very easy."

Joe Povelaitis, Paralegal

"I am responsible for keeping my bosses appointments, meeting dates and time off for all of us. I would be lost without this and there would be no organization of the everyday events if I did not have this feature. "
"I really like that I can view any email that has been linked to a client file. It makes is so easy for me to review client information when I don't have to switch between different programs."
"The ease of the program itself. Very versatile in entering what you want and the date calculator is a huge plus when one needs to adjust for other factors."

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