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You spend hours tracking invoices, billing your time, managing client cases, and creating documents to accompany each step along the way. Much of these day-to-day activities happen in multiple systems, limiting your ability to analyze and manage from a single application. Think big-picture visibility to spot roadblocks or opportunities in your practice.

The good news? You’re like most attorneys. The better news? You can solve all those problems with an all-in-one legal practice management software, like Amicus Attorney. Automate workflows, eliminate paper, keep your clients updated through a secure portal. Capture every billable hour, organize your tasks – and get paid faster.

In this demo of Amicus Attorney, we’ll walkthrough a variety of use cases on how today’s modern attorney is able to accomplish mission-critical activities without having to toggle between multiple systems. From billing and case management to client communication and AI-powered document creation, served to you in one application, in the cloud. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. You’re able to take your entire firm on the go, empowering to you spend more time practicing law.

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